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In Okhla, where the bustle of everyday life surrounds us, there exists an abandoned building that conceals stories of despair and tenderness, of defeat and survival. Within these crumbling walls, a unique form of art unfolds Presented by Serendipity Arts, The Money Opera is not your typical play but immersive theatre that defies convention.

The journey begins with all the actors standing on a scaffolding outside the building. An opera singer’s voice resonates through the air, weaving the tale of money and its intricate influence on our lives. The haunting melody draws the audience into a mysterious world.

Led by the actors, the audience steps inside the derelict building. Each corner of the forgotten space becomes a stage, and within its decaying walls, multiple stories of the human condition unfold. It is a place where boundaries blur and characters dwell on the edge of society.

In one room, the dreams of a domestic worker’s daughter take centrestage as she yearns to become a lavani dancer, her aspirations contrasting with the world around her. Upstairs, a mentally ill woman’s monologue echoes the ceaseless turmoil of her existence, where her bed is both sanctuary and prison.

 A scene from The Money Opera staged in Delhi

 A scene from The Money Opera staged in Delhi
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Directed by Amitesh Grover, the play is a groundbreaking experience that raises profound questions about society. Each marginalised character is unique and reflects the complex relationship every individual has with money.

Every actor embodies a different story, a distinct perspective on the impact of money. You are free to choose which character’s narrative you wish to engage with, creating a personalised journey through this immersive theatre.

The ensemble cast hail from various corners of the country. “ That is the kind of diversity my works contain,” says Grover, speaking about the the play’s depth and authenticity .

Grover handpicks certain individuals to join the cast in every city where the play is performed. The play’s Delhi editionconsists of a palmist, and a cosmetologist who talks about the relationship between beauty and money.

The Money Opera is an exploration of boundaries, both physical and psychological. It brings together characters who, in the outside world, would never share the same space. It is an artistic endeavor that blurs the lines between performer and audience, challenging preconceived notions of traditional theatre.

At The Factory, D-149, Okhla; Till October 8; 6.30pm and 8pm (no show on Tuesday)

 Duration: 90 minutes


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