Asif Ali teams up with G Prajesh Sen for ‘Houdini – The King of Magic’


Asif Ali

Asif Ali
| Photo Credit: Asif Ali/Instagram

The filming of Asif Ali’s new film, Houdini – The King of Magic, has begun in Kozhikode. The film is written and directed by the G Prajesh Sen. Houdini is produced by Color Yellow Productions, the Bollywood director Anand L Rai’s production company, in collaboration with Karma Media and Entertainments. The film is presented by Shailesh R Singh and Prajesh Sen Movie Club.

The movie revolves around the world of magic. It delves into how magic impacts a young man’s life and the events and conflicts that ensue. While much of the action unfolds in Kozhikode, Rajasthan is also a key location of the film.

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Bijipal is the music director while Noushad Sherif is the cinematographer. Bijith Bala has been roped in as the editor. Prajesh Sen is known for films such as Captain, Vallam, and Meri Awas Suno


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