Coming to Netflix: ‘Kaala Paani’, ‘Pain Hustlers’, ‘Old Dads’, ‘Doona!’, and more


Avail on 10/15/2023

Camp Courage

In this documentary, a girl displaced by the war in Ukraine heads to a summer camp in the Alps with her grandmother, testing the limits of her bravery.

Avail on 10/16/2023

Oggy Oggy: Season 3

Kind and curious kitty Oggy Oggy wants to spread joy to all his friends and neighbors. But sometimes, he gets into playful mischief instead. Miaow!

Avail on 10/17/2023

I Woke Up A Vampire

On her 13th birthday, Carmie discovers that she’s actually half human, half vampire — and that mythical powers make middle school way more complicated.

Heather McMahan: Son I Never Had

A new stand-up comedy special from Heather McMahan.

The Devil on Trial

A boy possessed by the devil. Exorcisms. Murder. And the first – and only – time “demonic possession” has been used as a plea in a US murder trial.

A still from ‘The Devil on Trial’

A still from ‘The Devil on Trial’
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Avail on 10/18//2023

Kaala Paani

When a mysterious illness descends upon the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a desperate fight for survival collides with a race to find a cure.

Avail on 10/19/2023


Four detectives. Four timelines. One victim. In order to save the future, they’ll need to solve the murder that altered the course of history first.

Crashing Eid

When Razan’s British Pakistani fiance crashes her Saudi family’s Eid celebrations, she attempts to convince them that he is a suitable match.


An aspiring reggaeton star and his best friends move to Miami on a mission, weathering roadblocks and reality checks together in their quest for success.

Crypto Boy

Following a dispute with his father, a young man falls prey to cryptocurrency’s allure and an entrepreneur’s audacious promises of financial freedom.

Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix

Branded an enemy of the state, a cyborg supersoldier struggles to find a cause worth fighting for in a dystopian society where nothing is what it seems.

Avail on 10/20/2023


A college student navigates life and school while dealing with a unique predicament — he’s living with a beautiful former K-pop idol.

A still from ‘Doona!’

A still from ‘Doona!’
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Kim Seung-wan/Netflix

Big Mouth: Season 7

Season seven of Emmy Award winning Big Mouth follows the now teenage students of Bridgeton middle school as they make their way to high school. Change is the only constant as our characters are faced with a new school, new friends, new adversaries, and new Hormone Monsters. The penultimate season of Big Mouth premieres globally on October 20, 2023.


When tragedy befalls a reckless scientist in Ottoman-era Istanbul, his student uses untested methods to finish his work — with devastating consequences.

Elite: Season 7

Omar is back. Iván has a broken heart. Isadora deals with her dangerous family. Is it possible for the students at Las Encinas to trust one another?

Surviving Paradise

An addictive new reality competition series.

Disco Inferno

A young couple conjures a dark presence that hungers for their unborn baby as they prepare to burn up the dance floor at LA’s hottest disco.

A still from ‘Disco Inferno’

A still from ‘Disco Inferno’
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A yoga teacher’s life flashes before her eyes during a deadly home invasion, sending her on a desperate race through her past to save the man she loves.

Kandasamys: The Baby

The in-laws head to Mauritius for the birth of their grandchild and stir up comic trouble in this fourth installment of the Kandasamy franchise.

Old Dads

Three middle-aged dads realize just how out of step they are in a world of millennial CEOs and powerful preschool principals in this comedy directed and co-written by Bill Burr, who stars with Bobby Cannavale and Bokeem Woodbine.

A still from ‘Old Dads’

A still from ‘Old Dads’
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Vjeran Tomic: The Spider-Man of Paris

In his own words, the burglar behind the 2010 robbery of the Paris Museum of Modern Art tells how he pulled off the biggest art heist in French history.

Avail on 10/23/2023

Princess Power: Season 2

When there’s trouble in the Fruitdoms, these princess pals jump in to help each other — because sometimes problems are too big for just one princess!

Avail on 10/24/2023

Get Gotti

Told from both sides of the law, this documentary from the makers of “Fear City” follows the FBI’s battle to bring down mob infamous boss, John Gotti.

Avail on 10/25/2023

Absolute Beginners

Two lifelong teenage friends enjoying summer at the beach meet a handsome, aspiring pro athlete who they try to cast in their sensual short film.

Burning Betrayal

In this adaptation of Sue Hecker’s novel, an accountant sees her fiance’s betrayal as an opportunity for a sexual awakening, with dangerous consequences.

Life on Our Planet

This is the story of life’s epic battle to conquer and survive on planet Earth. Today there are 20 million species on our planet, yet what we see is just a snapshot in time — 99% of earth’s inhabitants are lost to our deep past. The story of what happened to these dynasties — their rise and their fall – is truly remarkable. In partnership with Industrial Light & Magic, the series uses the latest technology and science to bring long extinct creatures back to life. Narrated by Morgan Freeman and from executive producer Steven Spielberg and the Emmy® Award winning team behind Our Planet, this is the story of Life on Our Planet.

Avail on 10/26/2023


When the world’s seven most advanced robots and their human allies are murdered one by one, inspector Gesicht soon discovers that he’s also in danger.

Avail on 10/27/2023


An immature and aimless 27-year-old throws himself into an unknown world of sex, drugs and self-discovery after his closest companion’s death.

Pain Hustlers

An exciting new career in pharmaceutical sales could cure all her family’s money troubles. But will buying into the American dream cost her everything? Emily Blunt and Chris Evans star.

Emily Blunt, Chris Evans in a still from ‘Pain Hustlers’

Emily Blunt, Chris Evans in a still from ‘Pain Hustlers’
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Sister Death

After a miraculous childhood, Narcisa becomes a novice and starts teaching girls in a former convent haunted by a disturbing presence.

Yellow Door: ‘90s Lo-fi Film Club

This intimate documentary explores a bygone era of cinematic passion and the emergence of young film enthusiasts in South Korea, including Bong Joon-ho.

Avail on 10/28/2023

Castaway Diva

Fifteen years after being stranded on a remote island, an aspiring singer reenters society — stopping at nothing to pursue her dream of becoming a diva.

Avail on 10/31/2023

Ralph Barbosa: Cowabunga

A new stand-up comedy special from Ralph Barbosa.


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