‘Everything Now’: Trailer of teen drama, starring Sophie Wilde, out


Sophie Wilde in ‘Everything Now’

Sophie Wilde in ‘Everything Now’
| Photo Credit: Netflix/YouTube

Netflix has dropped the trailer of comedy-drama Everything Now. The series focuses on the ups and downs of British teens. The series starts streaming from October 5.

Created by Ripley Parker, the series follows the life of a 16-year-old Mia (essayed by Sophie Wilde). After recovering from anorexia, she returns to sixth form after a seven-month period. Things have changed drastically with her friends, her enemies, and her state of adolescence.

Everything Now deals with friendships, bouts of heartache, young love, and explosive parties. The series stars Lauryn Ajufo, Harry Cadby, Noah Thomas, Sam Reuben, Niamh McCormack, Jessie Mae Alonzo, Robert Akodoto, Vivienne, Acheampong, Alex Hassell and Stephen Fry.


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