‘Ferrari’ teaser: Michael Mann directs Adam Driver in a race to the finish


Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari in ‘Ferrari’

Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari in ‘Ferrari’

Michael Mann returns to the director’s seat after eight years with Ferrari, a biographical drama on the life of race car supremo Enzo Ferrari.

The film’s official teaser was released on Wednesday.

The 90-second teaser opens with a gorgeous Ferrari 335 S on the last ‘Mille Miglia’ endurance race in Italy. We then meet Adam Driver in the role of Enzo Ferrari, now in his 60s and mourning the demise of his son, Dino. Penélope Cruz plays his equally bereft wife Laura, while Shailene Woodley appears as his long-time mistress Lina Lardi.

The wordless teaser interweaves the high-speed adventures on the 1000-mile race in 1957 — which included a fatal crash — with the tumult in Enzo’s personal life.

Ferrari is adapted from Brock Yates’s 1991 biography, Enzo Ferrari: The Man and the Machine. Mann has said he wanted to direct the film since the time he was a 24-year-old film school student.

The official synopsis of the film reads, “Ferrari is set during the summer of 1957. Behind the spectacle and danger of 1950’s Formula 1, ex-racer, Enzo Ferrari, is in crisis. Bankruptcy stalks the company he and his wife, Laura, built from nothing ten years earlier. Their tempestuous marriage struggles with the mourning for their one son. Ferrari struggles with the acknowledgment of another. His drivers’ lust to win pushes them out to the edge. He wagers all in a roll of the dice on one race, the treacherous 1,000-mile race across Italy, the iconic Mille Miglia.”

Ferrari will have its world premiere at the 80th Venice International Film Festival on August 31.

The film will get a wide theatrical release in the US on December 25.


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