‘Gandharva Jr’: Makers unveil a special glimpse of the world of the mighty warriors


A still from ‘Gandharva Jr’

A still from ‘Gandharva Jr’
| Photo Credit: LittleBig Films/YouTube

The makers of Gandharva Jr has released a special video to mark the birthday of the film’s lead Unni Mukundan. The promotional video, titled The World of Gandharvas, offers a peek into the mystical world of the celestial warriors.

The film attempts to tell the untold story of Gandharva warriors who fought alongside Gods. The story goes that since they have never made it to the holy books, the warriors haven’t got their due credit.

““I don’t know how many of you believe in it but I feel manifestation is the only proof of existence of the supreme. I am fascinated by the historical proofs of our ancestral beings. The feedback to the movie announcement has been brilliant. My little manifestation has come alive. For those wanting me to come on screen as the Gandharva, there are many surprises lined up. Keep manifesting your dreams,” Unni Mukundan had said while launching the film.

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Vishnu Aravind is the director of Gandharva Jr. The film is written by Praveen Prabharam and Sujin Sujathan. Jakes Bejoy is composing the music while Christy Sebastian is the editor.


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