Netflix drops trailer, announces premiere date of Korean series ‘Doona!’


Suzy in ‘Doona!’

Suzy in ‘Doona!’
| Photo Credit: Netflix K-content/YouTube

Netflix has dropped the trailer of Doona!. The Korean show, starring K-pop star Suzy and Yang Se-jong, will premiere on October 20.

Lee Jung-hyo, who made the hit Korean series, Crash Landing on You, is the director of Doona!. The series is touted to be a coming-of-age drama. It is set to tell a romantic tale between a freshman college student (essayed by Yang Se-jong) and a female pop idol (Suzy).

Suzy was previously seen in Start-up, Anna, and Uncontrollably Fond. Doona! is adapted from the webtoon Lee Doona, written by Min Song-a and published by Naver Webtoon. CJ ENM’s Dragon, Showrunners and Naver’s Studio N have produced the series.


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