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A still from ‘The Continental: from the World of John Wick’

A still from ‘The Continental: from the World of John Wick’
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The Continental: from the World of John Wick – September 22

The Continental: From the World of John Wick revolves around a chain of hotels around the world that serves as a neutral ground for members of the underworld; the hotel workers of The Continental try to handle the hitmen and murderers who come to stay. The three-part mini-series will explore the origin behind the iconic hotel. Winston Scott (played by Colin Woodell) charts a deadly course through the hotel’s mysterious underworld in a harrowing attempt to seize the hotel where he will eventually take his throne. Created by Greg Coolidge, Shawn Simmons and Kirk Ward, the series stars Mel Gibson, Colin Woodell and Mishel Prada in pivotal roles.

Cassandro – September 22

Based on true events, Cassandro is the story of Saúl Armendáriz, a homosexual amateur wrestler from El Paso, Texas, who rises to international stardom when he creates the character Cassandro, the `Liberace of Lucha Libre.’ He upends not just the macho wrestling world, but also his own life. Directed by Roger Ross Williams, the film stars Gael García Bernal, Roberta Colindrez and Perla De La Rosa in pivotal roles.

The Wheel of Time S2 Episode 6 – September 22

In the previous episode of The Wheel of Time Season 2 Moiraine and Rand flee for their lives. Egwene and Nynaeve encounter a new foe. High Lady Suroth has to answer to the High Lord Turak, who is less than pleased with her capturing the village. Turak then receives a present from none other than Padan Fain, who delivers the Horn of Valere to his High Lord. The Wheel of Time stars Rosamund Pike, Josha Stradowski, Daniel Henney, Zoë Robins and Madeleine Madden in pivotal roles. Created by Rafe Judkins, the fantasy series has the first five episodes already streaming.

The Penthouse: War in Life S1-S3 – September 23

The Penthouse: War in Life is a Korean suspense drama series that revolves around a Hera Palace which is a luxury 100-floor apartment that has many secrets and hidden ambitions. Shim Suryeon, who was born into wealth, is the queen of the penthouse apartment. Cheon Seojin, the prima donna of the residence, does all she can to give everything to her daughter. OH Yoonhee comes from a poor family background but strives to enter high society by becoming the queen of the penthouse. Written by Kim Soon Ok and directed by Joo Dong Min, the series also stars Eun-Kyung Shin and Uhm Ki-joon in the lead roles.

Taxi Driver S1-S2 – September 23

The Korean crime drama revolves around Kim Do-gi (Lee Je-hoon) who is a graduate of the Korea Military Academy. He lost his mother to a tragic murder during his childhood, an event that left a lasting scar. Unable to seek vengeance against the person responsible for his mother’s death, he has chosen a unique path in life. Kim now works as a taxi driver for a company that provides a revenge-call service to clients who have suffered injustices, assisting them in achieving the retribution they seek. Directed by Park Joon-woo (season 1) and Lee-dan (season 2), the series also stars Kim Eui-sung and Pyo Ye-jin in the lead roles.

Subhedar – September 22

The Marathi film Subhedar is the fifth instalment of Shivraj Ashtak, which chronicles the remarkable life of Subedar Tanaji Malusare. In the film, Subedar Tanaji Malusare postpones Raiba’s wedding to lead a valiant battle aimed at capturing the Kondhana fort. He fights with unparalleled courage, ultimately emerging victorious and leading to the fort being renamed Sinhagad. Written and directed by Digpal Lanjekar, the film stars Chinmay Mandlekar, Ajay Purkar and Smita Shewale in the lead roles.


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