‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ to release on November 22, teaser out

A still from ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’

A still from ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’

Netflix has premiered the teaser of Squid Game: The Challenge, a reality show inspired by the phenomenal South Korean survival drama series of the same name.

As depicted in the teaser, Squid Game: The Challenge pits 456 real-life contestants in diverse games and challenges based on the original show (minus the lethal danger). The players are competing for a $4.56 million cash prize, the highest ever in television history. The 10-episode competitive series will drop on Netflix on November 22.

“Though the reality version of Squid Game isn’t a matter of life or death, there’s still a lot on the line,” reads the synopsis of Squid Game: The Challenge.

“Through a series of games, each player will be pushed to their limits and forced to ask themselves just how far they’ll go to win, with opportunistic alliances, cutthroat strategies and timely betrayals to follow,” it adds.

Squid Game: The Challenge was shot in studios in the UK. The series had courted controversy over reports of real-life injuries and poor filming conditions during shoot.

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