A satisfying, pulpy actioner from the ever-reliable Jason Statham

Jason Statham in ‘The Beekpeer’ The Beekeeper is the kind of movie you could go to when you are weighed down by pointless details, surrounded by those who do not get it and spinning around in miles of red tape. Watching Jason Statham as Adam Clay, the beekeeper of the title, cut jolly swathes of … Read more

Trailer out of ‘The Beekeeper’ starring Jason Statham

A still from ‘The Beekeeper’ | Photo Credit: Miramax/YouTube The trailer of action thriller The Beekeeper is out. The film, starring Jason Statham, is directed by David Ayer. As a former member of a powerful organisation called The Beekeeper, Statham’s character is seen seeking revenge against the company behind a phishing scam. No mission he … Read more

‘Expend4bles’ movie review: This old boys’ reunion is loud, nonsensical and no fun

Nostalgia cannot save this pulpy mess stuffed with muddled, unengaging action, silly stunts and flat one-liners   Source link