Trailer of reality series ‘007: Road to a Million’ out


A still from ‘007: Road to a Million’

A still from ‘007: Road to a Million’
| Photo Credit: James Bond 007/YouTube

Trailer of Prime Video reality series 007: Road to a Million is out. The trailer was released to mark James Bond Day. From the producers of the James Bond franchise, the series will release on November 10.

The fate of nine pairs of wannabe James Bonds is controlled by Brian Cox as they take on challenges inspired by iconic spy for a chance to win £1 million ($1.2 million). “I put real people into a James Bond adventure to win £1 million. The only thing standing in their way is me, says Cox in the video.

Some of the challenges for the contestants are climbing a crane, balancing atop a moving train and driving an Aston Martin down winding hills. The official description of the show reads, “Cox acts as “The Controller,” the “on-screen mastermind behind the game, who dictates where the pairs go, what they must do, and sets their questions. He monitors each pair’s quest, delighting in the unfolding drama of his intricately devised and often relentless challenge.”

For each pair of contestants, “The Controller” has 10 hidden questions around the world. The answer to each question is only found upon the completion of Bond-esque tasks. The pair keeps the cash and continues to the next. One wrong move will end their adventure.


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