‘UI’ teaser: Upendra leaves it to your imagination


A still from the teaser of ‘UI’

A still from the teaser of ‘UI’
| Photo Credit: Anand Audio/YouTube

The teaser of Upendra directorial ‘UI’ is out. The film stars Upendra in the lead role, and it is produced by G Manoharan and Sreekanth KP.

In a unique concept, the teaser doesn’t have any visuals; for a little over two minutes, you just hear voices of different people. The teaser begins with Upendra’s voice as he says “it’s darkness everywhere” and questions, “how do you escape from it?”

You hear the sounds of killings, fights and gun shots as well. The teaser ends with a woman’s voice saying, “This is not ‘AI’, this is ‘UI’, use your intelligence.”

Upendra is returning to direction after Uppi 2, which released in 2015. The teaser thumbnail has a double exposure picture with the faces of Upendra and a horse. The makers are calling it a technically rich film, with an entire sequence shot on a virtual reality pipeline. The makers have used the Industrial Light & Magic (ILM’s) creation technology as well.


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