Venice Film Festival | Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara arrested on sexual assault charge

Gabriel Guevara

Gabriel Guevara
| Photo Credit: Gabriel Guevara/Instagram

Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara, best known for his role in My Fault, has been arrested during the Venice Film Festival. Guevara had an active international warrant out on him for an alleged sexual assault in France, as per The Hollywood Reporter. The court of appeals will rule on his case before the extradition proceeding can begin.

The arrest was made on September 2, a day before he was set to receive a Best Young Actor honour given out by Filming Italy. After learning about the arrest, Filming Italy cancelled the award, which they said was a “precautionary measure” pending the outcome of the case against him.

The festival also issued a statement following the arrest. “Following the news articles which have been emerging on various websites, regarding the Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara being arrested in Venice, the Biennale hereby clarifies that his presence in Venice was not linked to any events or productions related to the 80th Venice International Film Festival,” the statement read.

More details on the assault or the arrest have been awaited. Meanwhile, on the work front, rocketed to European fame in 2018 as Cristian Miralles Haro in the first season of Skam Spain, the local adaptation of a hit teen drama franchise, and his starring roles in My Fault films only increased his profile. His other projects include an upcoming role in Red Flags, as well as previous projects How to Screw it All Up, You’re Nothing Special, HIT, Dangerous Moms and Charter.

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